Wood Cards

Welcome to the world of Woodcards, Surprisingly Wood..!!
We present to you, 100% real wood cards in different forms from business cards to greeting cards to lovely wedding invites and many more offered in 12 different wood species that would stun you with it’s unique and beautiful shades and textures. The cards come with all the goodness of nature, devoid of any form of plastic, chemicals, stains or artificial dyes promising to be 100% eco-friendly and bio-degradable. These marvelous wood cards leave a trail of sophistication and class with lasting impressions. We make them even more interesting by using savvy printing technology on them, like screen and digital printing, foil embossing, laser engraving, transforming them into pieces of art. The natural wooden grains running across each card etches unique patterns on them making each one as different and exclusive, as human personalities – No two cards are similar!

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