Business Philosophy

Woodcards take it as our responsibility to deliver true and 100% ecofriendly products in today’s conscious world. We ourselves strongly stand by the need to make sustainable ecofriendly products which will benefit not just us but the planet at large. We at Woodcards have had a long tradition and commitment to the environment. Our business has always been a deeply rooted vested interest in nature and sustainability.

As we all know, there is no doing away with the ecology and we need to be one with it. In an anthropocentric world as ours, it is important to try to spread the need of using sustainable ecofriendly products so that we understand the importance of protecting the environment and realize that nature has such beautiful produces to offer. Woodcards matches this with quality and perfection to produce the ultimate product which celebrates the amalgamation of man and nature. In other words, it is like doing business with nature. The forests give us wood and we give them the act of conserving and sustainability back.

Woodcards, when it comes to sourcing the wood logs follow a strict policy of sourcing them exclusively from renewable forests and plantations both domestic and worldwide. Our products are eco-friendly and biodegradable for we highly regard and respect the versatility of wood. We try our best to do justice to the most abundant, important and renewable resource mother earth has to provide for us. Our business rather than commercial, is more of a natural and spiritual process.

 When we Woodcards say 100% eco-friendly it is 100% true as we don’t use any harmful chemicals, not a tinge of plastic nor do we waste any energy in the making of our products.  We use solar energy for 60% of the energy required for the production process.  Woodcards products are made with zero pollution causing materials. Even the binding material we use in our product is 100% biodegradable and is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved.  Our company is committed to being completely natural and eco-friendly that we are in the process of being certified by FSC. We try to sincerely deliver the best natural products possible for you.

Woodcards can proudly say that our products are pure and reliable and you can see it for yourself that the quality of our products comes from nothing but the beauty of the wood as we use the best of nature. Wood is our best friend not just now but has been from time immemorial. Get close and befriend nature by making Woodcards your best friend as our products can help you reflect on your ecological self.