1. How do wood cards differ from paper cards?

Wood cards are made from 100% real wood. You can see and feel the unique colour and texture of the wood in each card which is totally different to paper. It is still soft to touch and won’t give you splinters.

  1. How Can I Order?

An order can be placed through the shopping cart given in the respective product pages in the website. You may also discuss your requirement directly with us by sending an email to sales@woodcards.net.

  1. How can I order wood cards if I don’t have a design ready?

That can be taken care of.  We have an excellent designing team to help the clients design their perfect cards. You may select the option ‘Hire a designer’ while placing an order through our shopping cart.

  1. Can I order customised cards?

Yes. We have an in-house designing team who will listen to your requirements in detail and create a perfect design for your card following your instructions. You may customize the size and shape of the card in your selected wood species. For customized cards, you may send us a mail discussing your requirement to sales@woodcards.net.

  1. In which format should I send my ready artwork?

You can provide the artwork in EPS/CDR/PDF formats. You may upload/attach the design while placing an order through the shopping cart in the website. You could also mail it to us directly at sales@woodcards.net in case you’re ordering a customised card.

  1. Are the wedding cards offered with envelopes?

Yes, We offer both paper and wooden envelopes in the wedding shopping cart. You can choose either paper or wooden envelope depending on your budget. We also have an option to print on the envelope. You can also choose to not buy the envelopes while placing the order.

  1. How thick are the cards?

The wood cards are offered in different thicknesses depending on the product. The thickness would range from 0.45mm to 0.80mm. You may choose the required thickness while placing an order through the shopping cart.

  1. What species of wood do you use?

There are more than 12 varieties of exotic wood species from different parts of the world. All of our species are listed on the website.

  1. How good is the quality of print on wood?

The wooden sheets are carefully manufactured so that they are consistent and smooth throughout each piece which makes them perfect for printing. Our stocks have been heavily tested on various printers with fantastic results.

However printing over the wooden grains will not give photo print quality. The printed ink is not 100% opaque hence the grains and texture of the wood will be seen through the print which is the feature of printing on wood.

The color of the print or the ink may look slightly darker or a lighter depending on the colour of the wood that we have selected as the shade of the veneer would slightly influence the colours in the print.

  1. What types of printing is used to print on wood?

The majority of our products are printed using digital 4-color process (CMYK) laser printers. We also offer silk screen printing, laser engraving and foil embossing. For thicker cards (0.80mm) we use flat-bed digital printing for multi-colour prints.

  1. Does each wood card look the same?

Since wood is a natural substance, and not manmade, every card from even the same timber would look different, hence adds to the aesthetics. That is the beauty of working with wood. 2 cards made from the same wood will still have slight variances. Slight variance creates anesthetically unique and brilliant finished product.

  1. Does wood card break in use?

Wood cards are made from wood veneers that are processed in micro thicknesses and pasted together to attain strength and avoid breakage. Our manufacturing process seeks to create veneers that are strong and flexible, that also avoid chipping or breaking. Under normal use, they do not break. We even offer folded cards that are folded parallel to the grain direction. The card may snap if you try to bend in the opposite direction.

  1. Do wood cards warp?

In environments where humidity tends to vary highly such as in an air-conditioned room, the wood cards tend to become dry and can warp. Once the humidity returns to a normal range the sheets return to their natural shape. This phenomenon happens since these cards are not coated with any chemicals and the natural pores on the surface of the wood can absorb humidity from the air to maintain the standard moisture balance.  We recommend that the cards are stored in paper wraps or envelops as it reduces and even stops warping.

  1. Are wood cards eco-friendly?

Yes, Yes, absolutely. Our veneers contain no harmful chemicals than a paper equivalent which is full of chemicals, bleach and fillers. As our veneers are real wood, they are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

  1. Are the wood used sourced from sustainable sources?

woodcards does not use any trees from non-harvesting areas such as Indian tropical forests. Our trees are grown in small plantations and in backyards. We also employ sustainable practices in the way that we plant trees and are working with regulatory bodies to ascertain certification. We respect trees and do everything within our power to ensure that we practice sustainable practices including ensuring that almost our entire factory is solar powered.

  1. How can I cut the cards/wood sheets if I need to?

These cards/sheets can be cut using any regular paper cutter.

  1. What is the layout of wood grains in the cards and why?

All the wood cards are always to be made in long grain or else they feel flimsy and are not strong.

  1. Any color recommendations for printing on Wood cards?

As you don’t need to enhance wood using color as you do paper, simple prints with 1 color work extremely well. The rule of thumb is to respect the wood and not cover it too much. Depending on the print process and design, anything can look fantastic printed on wood from simple text to full colour photos.

  1. Can I print on the blank wooden cards myself? What type of printing do you suggest?

Yes, you may purchase blank cards from us and get them printed on your own. You can even get them printed in a normal desktop machine if your machine can take up small sizes. Another suggested technique is screen printing or letterpress printing on which you can print wood cards of any thickness.

  1. Does screen printing look good on Wood cards?

Appearance of screen printing seems to give the best appearance on wood. The colours are strong and bold and do not seep into the wood.

  1. Can Wood cards be folded?

Yes. Our cards can be folded along the grain. The0.6 mm veneers perform particularly well as folded cards.

  1. What about laser engraving on wood?

Laser engraving or cutting looks amazing! You can engrave elements of a card, or the whole thing. Laser engraving will make your cards unforgettable. Cherry, Mahogany and Red Cedar are the wood species most suggested for laser engraving as them being red wood give the best burnt finish.

  1. Are all Nissiwood types of materials recommended for laser engraving?

Cherry, Mahogany and Red Cedar are the wood species most suggested for laser engraving as them being red wood give the best burnt finish.

  1. How to preserve Nissiwood sheets and cards?

Nissiwood sheets and cards are to be covered in paper cartons for long storage to maintain its freshness and to avoid moisture instability. This will stop them warping during storage.

  1. Can I buy cards made in custom-size and shape?

Yes, we do offer all our products in any custom sizes and shapes provided there’s a minimum volume of order. To place an order for customized cards you may get in touch with us directly by writing to us on sales@woodcards.net

  1. Do Wood cards provide free samples?

Yes, we do offer free samples of all our products for your evaluation of the quality and finish of the products we offer. A sample request can be placed by filling up a sample request from in the contact us page.

  1. How are the free samples shipped?

The free samples are shipped free of cost through normal post which would reach you in 15 to 20 days. If you need the samples faster, you may opt for paid shipping through DHL.

  1. What is the normal delivery delay?

Our normal turn-around time for standard orders (upto 1000 cards) is 7 to 10 days. DHL would take another 4 to 5 days for transit.

  1. How do you ship the products?

We primarily ship using DHL and find that transit time is between 5 to 7 days internationally.

  1. What are the payment options available?

Payment for any order can be made to our bank account directly.

  1. What are the return policies?

If there are any problems with your order, the items must be returned to us for our review before we are able to refund or redo the order. Orders will not be accepted for return after a period of 30 days from the time of shipment. We will give special attention to any returned orders to be sure the problem is rectified in a fair and speedy manner.